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Author Composer Writer Performer Famous Person: Dom Deluise

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Famous Person: Dom Deluise

Famous For: Acting

Achievements :

1987 - Won - Razzie Award

Movie - Television Titles:

Video Classroom Lesson 1: Space and Sea (2006) (V) .... Animated School Teacher
Bongee Bear and the Kingdom of Rhythm (2006) (voice) .... Myrin
"Duck Dodgers" .... Roy Serpenti (1 episode, 2005)
... aka "Duck Dodgers in the 24½th Century" (USA: long title)
    - Master & Disaster/All in the Crime Family (2005) TV episode (voice) .... Roy Serpenti
Breaking the Fifth (2004) .... Flealand Cunchulis
Girl Play (2004) .... Gabriel
"Dexter's Laboratory" .... Koosy / ... (3 episodes, 1997-2003)
... aka "Dexter de Shiyanshi" (Hong Kong: English title)
... aka "Dexter's Lab" (USA: short title)
Remembering Mario (2003) (voice) .... Mario
It's All About You (2002)
Always Greener (2001)
The Brainiacs.com (2000) (as Dom Deluise) .... Ivan Lucre
"Stargate SG-1" .... Togar / ... (1 episode, 2000)
... aka "La porte des étoiles" (Canada: French title: dubbed version)
    - Urgo (2000) TV episode .... Urgo / Togar
Lion of Oz (2000) (voice) .... Oscar Zoroaster Phadrig Isaac Norman Henkle Emmanuel Ambrose Diggs
... aka Le lion d'Oz (Canada: French title)
... aka Lion of Oz and the Badge of Courage
An American Tail: The Mystery of the Night Monster (1999) (V) (voice) .... Tiger
Baby Geniuses (1999) .... Lenny
My X-Girlfriend's Wedding Reception (1999) .... Father O'Rdeal
... aka Wedding Band (USA: working title) (USA: review title)
The Secret of NIMH 2: Timmy to the Rescue (1998) (V) (voice) .... Jeremy
An All Dogs Christmas Carol (1998) (V) (voice) .... Itchy
"The Wild Thornberrys" .... Baby Condor (1 episode, 1998)
An American Tail: The Treasure of Manhattan Island (1998) (V) (voice) .... Tiger
... aka An American Tail 3: The Treasure of Manhattan Island (USA)
"Sabrina, the Teenage Witch" .... Cousin Mortimer (1 episode, 1998)
... aka "Sabrina Goes to College" (USA: promotional title)
... aka "Sabrina" (USA: promotional abbreviation)
The Godson (1998) .... The Oddfather
"Hercules" .... Bacchus (1 episode, 1998)
... aka "Disney's Hercules" (USA: complete title)
"All Dogs Go to Heaven: The Series" .... Itchy Itchiford / ... (18 episodes, 1996-1998)
"3rd Rock from the Sun" .... Mr. Pollone (1 episode, 1998)
... aka "3rd Rock" (USA: promotional abbreviation)
... aka "Life As We Know It"
"The Charlie Horse Music Pizza" (1998) TV series .... Cookie the Cook
"Cow and Chicken" .... Dakota Governor / ... (2 episodes, 1997)
"I Am Weasel" .... Frenchman #3 / ... (1 episode, 1997)
"Beverly Hills, 90210" .... Magic Morton (1 episode, 1997)
... aka "Class of Beverly Hills" (USA: teaser title)
    - I Only Have Eyes for You (1997) TV episode .... Magic Morton
"Duckman: Private Dick/Family Man" .... The Governor (1 episode, 1997)
Killer per caso (1997) .... The Judge
... aka The Good Bad Guy
Boys Will Be Boys (1997) (TV) .... Chef
Shari's Passover Surprise (1996) (TV) .... Dom
... aka Lamb Chop's Passover Special
All Dogs Go to Heaven 2 (1996) (voice) .... Itchy Itchiford
Toonstruck (1996) (VG) (voice) .... 'Fingers' the Cashier
Red Line (1995) .... Jerry
"Burke's Law" .... Vinnie Piatte (4 episodes, 1995)
"The Ren & Stimpy Show" .... Big Kahuna (1 episode, 1993-1995)
... aka "VH-1 Ren and Stimpy Rocks" (USA: cable TV title)
    - Pixie King/Aloha Hoek (1995) TV episode (voice) .... Big Kahuna
The Tin Soldier (1995) (TV) .... Mr. Fallon
Don't Drink the Water (1994) (TV) .... Father Drobney
"The Magic School Bus" .... Baker (1 episode, 1994)
... aka "Scholastic's The Magic School Bus" (USA: complete title)
"SeaQuest DSV" .... Nick Piccolo (1 episode, 1994)
... aka "SeaQuest 2032" (USA: new title)
    - Vapors (1994) TV episode .... Nick Piccolo
A Troll in Central Park (1994) (voice) .... Stanley
... aka Stanley's Magic Garden (International: English title)
Il silenzio dei prosciutti (1994) .... Dr. Animal Cannibal Pizza
... aka The Silence of the Hams (USA)
"Married with Children" .... Floyd the Dog (1 episode, 1993)
... aka "Married... with Children" (USA: promotional title)
"Diagnosis Murder" .... Buddy Blake (1 episode, 1993)
Robin Hood: Men in Tights (1993) .... Don Giovanni
... aka Sacré Robin des bois (France)
Happily Ever After (1993) (voice) .... The Looking Glass
The Skateboard Kid (1993) (voice) .... Rip
"Fievel's American Tails" .... Tiger (13 episodes, 1992)
Almost Pregnant (1992) (V) .... Doctor Beckhard
Munchie (1992) (voice) .... Munchie
Die Abenteuer von Pico und Columbus (1992) (voice) .... Christopher Columbus
... aka Pico und Columbus (Germany: TV title)
... aka The Magic Voyage (USA)
An American Tail: Fievel Goes West (1991) (voice) .... Tiger
... aka American Tail II (International: English title: informal title)
Driving Me Crazy (1991/I) .... Mr. B
... aka Trabbi Goes to Hollywood
"All My Children" .... Police Officer (1 episode, 1991)
... aka "All My Children: The Summer of Seduction" (USA: promotional title)
    - Episode dated 5 March 1991 (1991) TV episode .... Police Officer
Timmy's Gift: Precious Moments Christmas (1991) (TV) (voice) .... Nicodemus
"Wake, Rattle & Roll" (1990) TV series (voice) .... Lippy the Lion
... aka "Jump, Rattle & Roll" (USA: new title)
Loose Cannons (1990) .... Harry 'The Hippo' Gutterman
"Timeless Tales from Hallmark" .... The Emperor (1 episode)
    - The Emperor's New Clothes (????) TV episode (voice) .... The Emperor
"B.L. Stryker" (1 episode, 1989)
All Dogs Go to Heaven (1989) (voice) .... Itchy Itchiford
"21 Jump Street" .... Uncle Nick (1 episode, 1989)
The Princess and the Dwarf (1989)
Oliver & Company (1988) (voice) .... Fagin
"The Dom DeLuise Show" (1987) TV series .... Dom (1987-1988)
Going Bananas (1987) .... Big Bad Joe
... aka My African Adventure (USA)
Spaceballs (1987) (voice) .... Pizza The Hutt
"Easy Street" (1 episode, 1987)
    - Too Many Cooks (1987) TV episode
Un tassinaro a New York (1987) .... Captain T. Favretto
... aka A Taxi Driver in New York
An American Tail (1986) (voice) .... Tiger
Haunted Honeymoon (1986) .... Aunt Kate
"Amazing Stories" .... Guilt (1 episode, 1985)
... aka "Steven Spielberg Presents Amazing Stories" (Australia)
... aka "Steven Spielberg's Amazing Stories" (USA: complete title)
Johnny Dangerously (1984) .... The Pope
Cannonball Run II (1984) (as Dom De Luise) .... Victor Prinzim / Captain Chaos / Don Canneloni
Happy (1983) (TV) .... Roger Hanover
The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas (1982) .... Melvin P. Thorpe
... aka The Best Little Cathouse in Texas (Canada: English title: bowdlerized title)
The Secret of NIMH (1982) (voice) .... Jeremy
... aka Mrs. Brisby and the Rats of NIMH
Pelle Svanslös (1981) (uncredited) (voice: English version) .... Voice
... aka Peter-No-Tail
The Cannonball Run (1981) .... Victor Prinzim / Captain Chaos
History of the World: Part I (1981) .... Emperor Nero
... aka Mel Brooks' History of the World: Part 1 (USA: complete title)
Smokey and the Bandit II (1980) .... Doc
... aka Smokey and the Bandit Ride Again (UK)
Wholly Moses! (1980) .... Shadrach
The Last Married Couple in America (1980) .... Walter Holmes
Fatso (1980) .... Dominick DiNapoli
Hot Stuff (1979) .... Ernie Fortunato
The Muppet Movie (1979) .... Bernie the Agent
The Muppets Go Hollywood (1979) (TV) (also archive footage) (uncredited) .... Agent/Himself
The Cheap Detective (1978) .... Pepe Damascus
... aka Neil Simon's The Cheap Detective (USA: complete title)
The End (1978/I) .... Marlon Borunki
Sextette (1978) .... Dan Turner
The World's Greatest Lover (1977) .... Adolph Zitz
Diary of a Young Comic (1977) (TV)
Silent Movie (1976) .... Dom Bell
The Adventure of Sherlock Holmes' Smarter Brother (1975) (as Dom De Luise) .... Eduardo Gambetti
... aka Sherlock Holmes' Smarter Brother (USA: promotional title)
... aka The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes' Smarter Brother (Australia)
Only with Married Men (1974) (TV) .... Murray West
"Medical Center" .... Max (1 episode, 1974)
Blazing Saddles (1974) .... Buddy Bizarre
... aka Mel Brooks' Blazing Saddles or Never Give a Saga an Even Break (USA: poster title)
"Lotsa Luck" .... Stanley Belmont (3 episodes, 1973)
"The Roman Holidays" .... Mr. Evictus (1 episode, 1972)
Every Little Crook and Nanny (1972) .... Azzecca
Evil Roy Slade (1972) (TV) .... Logan Delp
"Kraft Music Hall Presents: The Des O'Connor Show" (1970) TV series .... Regular (unknown episodes, 1971)
... aka "The Des O'Connor Show" (UK) (USA: second season title)
Who Is Harry Kellerman and Why Is He Saying Those Terrible Things About Me? (1971) .... Irwin Marcy
"Arnie" (1 episode, 1971)
Norwood (1970) .... Bill Bird
The Twelve Chairs (1970) .... Father Fyodor
"The Ghost & Mrs. Muir" .... Elroy Applegate (1 episode, 1969)
"The Dom DeLuise Show" (1968) TV series .... Host (unknown episodes, 1968)
What's So Bad About Feeling Good? (1968) .... J. Gardner Monroe
The Busy Body (1967) .... Kurt Brock
"The Girl from U.N.C.L.E." .... Stanley Umlaut (1 episode, 1966)
"Please Don't Eat the Daisies" .... Arnold (1 episode, 1966)
The Glass Bottom Boat (1966) .... Julius Pritter
... aka The Spy in Lace Panties
"The Munsters" .... Dr. Dudley (1 episode, 1966)
Fail-Safe (1964) .... Sgt. Collins
Diary of a Bachelor (1964) .... Marvin Rollins

"Tinker's Workshop" (1954) TV series .... Tinker the Toymaker 

Authors Description: Dom DeLuise, the jovial comic who enlivened such madcap films as Cannonball Run, Blazing Saddles, and Spaceballs, has died. He was 75.
Often working with Burt Reynolds or Mel Brooks, the bearded, roly-poly actor was known for a sharp, distinctive, almost howling laugh that fills the outtakes reel of Cannonball Run — a testament to the joyous time he had with Reynolds.
"I was thinking about this the other day," Reynolds said in a statement released to TVGuide.com. "As you get older, and start to lose people you love, you think about it more, and I was dreading this moment. Dom always made you feel better when he was around and there will never be another like him. I never heard him say an unkind word about anyone. I will miss him very much."
DeLuise's death was confirmed Tuesday by a representative for his son, David DeLuise. No details were immediately available.
"It's easy to mourn his death," his family said in a statement, "but easier to remember a time when he made you laugh."
He hosted Candid Camera from 1991-92, and starred in two incarnations of The Dom DeLuise Show in 1968 and 1987. He shared his love of food, especially Italian cooking, through his show Cooking with Dom DeLuise and by authoring several cookbooks.
Born in Brooklyn, N.Y., in 1933, he broke out as a performer on Dean Martin's show, playing a disastrous magician named Dominick the Great. His on-screen partnership with Reynolds included The Cannonball Run and The Cannonball Run II, Smokey and the Bandit II, The End, The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas, and All Dogs Go to Heaven.
DeLuise invoked everything from fussy mannerisms to broad ethnic caricatures to get laughs, but seemed especially happy to make fun of himself, as he did as Pizza the Hutt in Brooks' 1987 film Spaceballs. Other DeLuise collaborations included The Twelve Chairs, Blazing Saddles, Silent Movie, History of the World, Part I, and Robin Hood: Men in Tights.
He also appeared in the Orpheus in the Underworld at the Los Angeles Opera Company in 1989, and the next year performed with New York's Metropolitan Opera as Frosch, the jailer, in the comic production Die Fledermaus. He ad-libbed his role in English while the singers performed in German.
DeLuise also directed the film Hot Stuff and directed at the Burt Reynolds Dinner Theatre in Jupiter, Fla.
Married to actress Carol Arthur, he was the patriarch of a show business family that also included his sons Peter, Michael, and David DeLuise. Peter DeLuise is best known for co-starring with Johnny Depp on 21 Jump Street, which also featured Michael DeLuise. The two brothers also appeared together on SeaQuest DSV, on which Dom and David DeLuise also appeared.
Memorial services will be private. In lieu of flowers, DeLuise's family asked that donations be made to The Elixir Fund, The Lily Sanctuary, the Hydrocephalus Foundation, Inc., or Pearl S. Buck International.

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