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  • Snow White and the Huntsman Muir
  • 2012 Outside Bet Percy 'Smudge' Smith
  • 2011 Neverland (TV Mini-Series) Mr. Smee - Part 2 (2011) ... Mr. Smee - Part 1 (2011) ... Mr. Smee
  • 2011/I Will Davey
  • 2010 Made in Dagenham Albert Passingham
  • 2009 A Christmas Carol Fezziwig / Old Joe
  • 2009 The Street (TV Series) Paddy Gargan - Episode #3.6 (2009) ... Paddy Gargan - Episode #3.1 (2009) ... Paddy Gargan
  • 2008 Pinocchio (TV Movie) Geppetto
  • 2008 Doomsday Bill Nelson
  • 2008 The Englishman's Boy (TV Mini-Series) Damon Ira Chance - Part Two (2008) ... Damon Ira Chance - Part One (2008) ... Damon Ira Chance
  • 2007 Ruby Blue Jack
  • 2007 Go Go Tales The Baron
  • 2007 Outlaw Walter Lewis
  • 2007 Sparkle Vince
  • 2006 The Wind in the Willows (TV Movie) Badger
  • 2006 Hollywoodland Eddie Mannix
  • 2006 Garfield 2 Winston (voice)
  • 2006 Paris, je t'aime Bob (segment "Pigalle")
  • 2005/I Stay Dr. Leon Patterson
  • 2005 Mrs Henderson Presents Vivian Van Damm
  • 2005 Son of the Mask Odin
  • 2005 Unleashed Bart
  • 2004 Beyond the Sea Charlie Cassotto Maffia
  • 2004 Vanity Fair Sir Pitt Crawley
  • 2003 Den of Lions Darius Paskevic
  • 2003 Frasier (TV Series) Coach Fuller - Trophy Girlfriend (2003) ... Coach Fuller
  • 2003 The Sleeping Dictionary Henry
  • 2003 The Good Pope: Pope John XXIII (TV Movie) Angelo Roncalli / Pope John XXIII
  • 2002 Maid in Manhattan Lionel Bloch
  • 2002 Where Eskimos Live Sharkey
  • 2001 The Lost World (TV Movie) Prof. George Challenger
  • 2001 Last Orders Ray
  • 2001 Enemy at the Gates Nikita Khrushchev
  • 2000 Don Quixote (TV Movie) Sancho Panza
  • 2000 Noriega: God's Favorite (TV Movie) Manuel Noriega
  • 1999 Let the Good Times Roll (Short) Peter
  • 1999 David Copperfield (TV Movie) Micawber
  • 1999 The White River Kid Brother Edgar
  • 1999 A Room for Romeo Brass Steven Laws
  • 1999 Live Virgin Joey
  • 1999 Captain Jack Jack Armistead
  • 1999 Felicia's Journey Joe Hilditch
  • 1998 Parting Shots Gerd Layton
  • 1998 Cousin Bette Cesar Crevel
  • 1998 Saturday Night Live (TV Series) Captain Kidd / Himself - Greg Kinnear/All Saints (1998) ... Captain Kidd / Himself
  • 1997 Spice World Bob Hoskins
  • 1997 24 7: Twenty Four Seven Alan Darcy
  • 1997 The Forgotten Toys (TV Series) Teddy (1998-1999) (voice)
  • 1996 Michael Vartan Malt
  • 1996 The Secret Agent Verloc
  • 1996 Tales from the Crypt (TV Series) Redmond - Fatal Caper (1996) ... Redmond
  • 1995 The Forgotten Toys (Short) Teddy (voice)
  • 1995 Balto Boris the Goose (voice)
  • 1995 Nixon J. Edgar Hoover
  • 1995 Rainbow Frank Bailey
  • 1994 World War II: When Lions Roared (TV Movie) Winston Churchill
  • 1993 Performance (TV Series) De Flores - The Changeling (1993) ... De Flores
  • 1993 The Big Freeze Sidney
  • 1993 Super Mario Bros. Mario Mario
  • 1992 Blue Ice Sam Garcia
  • 1992 Passed Away Johnny Scanlan
  • 1991 The Inner Circle Beria
  • 1991 Hook Smee
  • 1991 The Favour, the Watch and the Very Big Fish Louis Aubinard
  • 1991 Shattered Gus Klein
  • 1990 Mermaids Lou Landsky
  • 1990 Heart Condition Jack Moony
  • 1989 Tummy Trouble (Short) Eddie Valiant (uncredited)
  • 1988 The Raggedy Rawney Darky
  • 1988 Who Framed Roger Rabbit Eddie Valiant
  • 1987 The Lonely Passion of Judith Hearne James Madden
  • 1987 A Prayer for the Dying Father Michael Da Costa
  • 1986 Mona Lisa George
  • 1986 Sweet Liberty Stanley Gould
  • 1985 The Dunera Boys (TV Movie) Morrie Mendellsohn
  • 1985 The Woman Who Married Clark Gable (Short) George
  • 1985 Mussolini and I (TV Movie) Benito Mussolini
  • 1985 Brazil Spoor
  • 1984 The Cotton Club Owney Madden
  • 1984 Weekend Playhouse (TV Series) Eddie Reed - You Don't Have to Walk to Fly (1984) ... Eddie Reed
  • 1984 Lassiter Inspector John Becker
  • 1983 The Beggar's Opera (TV Movie) Beggar
  • 1983 Beyond the Limit Colonel Perez
  • 1982 Pink Floyd The Wall Rock and Roll Manager
  • 1981 Othello (TV Movie) Iago
  • 1979-1981 Big Jim and the Figaro Club (TV Series) Narrator - The Pursuit of Courtly Love (1981) ... Narrator - A Bit of Rough Shooting (1981) ... Narrator (voice) - Hearts of Oak (1981) ... Narrator (voice) - Laughing Like a Drain (1981) ... Narrator (voice) - Dung from a Rocking Horse (1981) ... Narrator (voice) Show all 6 episodes
  • 1980 The Long Good Friday Harold Shand
  • 1980 Flickers (TV Mini-Series) Arnie Cole - Episode #1.4 (1980) ... Arnie Cole - Episode #1.3 (1980) ... Arnie Cole - Episode #1.2 (1980) ... Arnie Cole - Episode #1.1 (1980) ... Arnie Cole
  • 1979 Brecht and Co (TV Movie) Member of Brecht's company / Prologue
  • 1979 Zulu Dawn C.S.M. Williams
  • 1979 Of Mycenae and Men (TV Short) Mr. Taramasalatopoulos
  • 1978 Pennies from Heaven (TV Mini-Series) Arthur Parker - Says My Heart (1978) ... Arthur Parker - Painting the Clouds (1978) ... Arthur Parker - Better Think Twice (1978) ... Arthur Parker - Easy Come, Easy Go (1978) ... Arthur Parker - The Sweetest Thing (1978) ... Arthur Parker Show all 6 episodes
  • 1977 Rock Follies of '77 (TV Series) Johnny Britten - The Real Life (1977) ... Johnny Britten - The Divorce (1977) ... Johnny Britten - The Loony Tunes (1977) ... Johnny Britten
  • 1977 Van der Valk (TV Series) Johnny Palmer - Dead on Arrival (1977) ... Johnny Palmer
  • 1977 Three Piece Suite (TV Series) Reg (Wonderful Woman) - After You're Gone/Little Things... Parking/Wonderful Woman (1977) ... Reg (Wonderful Woman)
  • 1976 The Crezz (TV Series) Det. Sgt. Marble - A Flash of Inspiration (1976) ... Det. Sgt. Marble
  • 1976 Thriller (TV Series) Sammy Draper - Cry Terror (1976) ... Sammy Draper
  • 1975 On the Move (TV Series) Alf
  • 1975 Royal Flash Police Constable
  • 1974 Thick as Thieves (TV Series) Dobbs - Holy Deadlock (1974) ... Dobbs - Home & Away (1974) ... Dobbs - Three Into Two Won't Go (1974) ... Dobbs - The Trouble with Tommy (1974) ... Dobbs - Two Men in My Life (1974) ... Dobbs Show all 8 episodes
  • 1972-1974 Play for Today (TV Series) Blake / Woodbine / Taxi driver - Schmoedipus (1974) ... Blake - Her Majesty's Pleasure (1973) ... Woodbine - The Bankrupt (1972) ... Taxi driver
  • 1974 Shoulder to Shoulder (TV Mini-Series) Jack Dunn - Outrage (1974) ... Jack Dunn
  • 1974 If There Weren't Any Blacks You'd Have to Invent Them (TV Movie) The Sexton
  • 1974 Inserts Big Mac
  • 1973 Softly Softly: Task Force (TV Series) Parker - Signed Off (1973) ... Parker
  • 1973 Sir Yellow (TV Series) - I'll Tag Along with Thee (1973)
  • 1973 New Scotland Yard (TV Series) Eddie Wharton - Weight of Evidence (1973) ... Eddie Wharton
  • 1973 The National Health Foster
  • 1973 Crown Court (TV Series) Freddy Dean - A Crime in Prison: Regina vs. Ager and Lanigan - Part 3 (1973) ... Freddy Dean - A Crime in Prison: Regina v Ager and Lanigan: Part 2 (1973) ... Freddy Dean - A Crime in Prison: Regina v Ager and Lanigan: Part 1 (1973) ... Freddy Dean
  • 1973 And All Who Sail in Her (TV Movie) Billy
  • 1972 Kate (TV Series) Heavy - A Nice Rest (1972) ... Heavy
  • 1972 Villains (TV Series) Charles 'Knocker' Grindley / Charles Grindley - Knocker (1972) ... Charles Grindley - Move In, Move On (1972) ... Charles 'Knocker' Grindley - George (1972) ... Charles 'Knocker' Grindley
  • 1972 Up the Front Recruiting Sgt.
  • 1972 The Main Chance (TV Series) Workman - Acting for Self (1972) ... Workman

Authors Description: Born Oct. 26, 1942, in Suffolk, Hoskins was raised in North London by his cook mother and clerk father. Hoskins was a self-proclaimed rebellious youth who left school at 15 and set off to explore the world, holding a variety of odd jobs along the way, studying accounting and working as a circus fire eater. The fearless and energetic charmer fell into acting entirely by accident one evening when he was mistaken at a bar as an actor queuing up for a play audition within the building. When he was given a script and informed that he was up next, Hoskins went with the flow and landed the lead. His natural instincts were obvious to the agent eager to sign him, but he lacked a technical acting education, so he built up his skills on the regional theater circuit in Shakespeare, comedies and musicals. At Britain's National Theater, Hoskins played the failed crook in Sam Shepard's ''True West'' and Nathan Detroit in ''Guys and Dolls" while also appearing in movie theaters in "The National Health" (1973) and on the 1974 sitcom, "Thick as Thieves."

A scene-stealing stage role as an electrician in "Veterans" caught the eye of a television producer who cast him in the lead in the British comedy series, "Pennies from Heaven" (1978), where Hoskins played a sheet-music salesman prone to fantasy. He was a delight as the pioneering filmmaker in the series "Flickers" (ATV, 1980) and delivered an outstanding performance as a doomed London mobster in "The Long Good Friday" (1980). A prestigious BAFTA nomination and a Best Actor Award from the Evening Standard British Film Awards for his performance significantly raised Hoskins' profile, and in quick succession he appeared as Iago in a BBC TV version of "Othello" (1980), as a rock and roll manager in "Pink Floyd's The Wall" (1982), and as a heartless South American policeman in "Beyond the Limit" (1983). Hoskins was introduced to American audiences with his performance as American gangster Owen Madden in Francis Ford Coppola's major misfire, "The Cotton Club," (1984) as well as his portrayal of fascist leader Mussolini in the HBO miniseries "Mussolini and I" (1985).

Alan Alda's film industry send-up "Sweet Liberty" (1986), featuring Hoskins as a neurotic screenwriter, was disappointing but Hoskins turned around to give one of the most critically hailed performances of his career in Neil Jordan's "Mona Lisa" (1986). His nuanced performance as an ex-con who lands a job driving a beautiful call girl (Cathy Tyson) only to get drawn into her personal life proved Hoskins as a believable romantic lead, earning him a Best Actor Academy Award nomination and a win at the Golden Globe Awards. Further trading on his newfound status as a romantic lead, he appeared opposite Maggie Smith in "The Lonely Passion of Judith Hearne" (1987). The following year Hoskins gave his most widely recognized performance as private eye Eddie Valiant in "Who Framed Roger Rabbit?" (1988), carrying the live action/animation hybrid with his convincing interactions with a goofy talking rabbit and a sultry cartoon sex symbol and in the process, earning a Golden Globe for his efforts.

Piling on the unpolished but irresistible charm, he shone again as the lover of a flamboyant small town single mom (Cher) in "Mermaids" (1990) and provided humorous support as the henchman Smee in "Hook" (1991), Steven Spielberg's retelling of the Peter Pan story. In 1988, Hoskins made his co-writing and co-directing debut with "The Raggedy Rawney." The film about a WWI soldier (Dexter Fletcher) who encounters a band of gypsies led by Hoskins received a mixed reception, with some complaining of the shift in tones from whimsical to serious, while others praised the acting and camera work. Moving into the early 1990s, the seemingly stalled actor churned out a few commercial vehicles that were decidedly unworthy of his talents, i.e., "Passed Away" (1992) and "Super Mario Bros." (1993). His wicked turn as a decidedly gay J. Edgar Hoover in Oliver Stone's sprawling "Nixon" (1995) put him back at the top of Hollywood's character want-list, and he held that position with his amusing performance as a tabloid editor in search of an angel in "Michael" (1996).

When Hoskins' second filmmaking effort, the children's film "Rainbow" (1996), was greeted with less enthusiasm than his first, he teamed with British director Shane Meadows to give a memorable performance as the scrappy owner of a local boxing club who tries to make a difference in the lives of disaffected youth in "TwentyFourSeven" (1997). In another surprising choice of roles, Hoskins co-starred as a pornographer in "Live Virgin" and rejoined Meadows for a cameo as a teacher in "A Room for Romeo Brass" (1999). Director Atom Egoyan made the most of Hoskins' versatility when he cast him as a strangely genial serial killer in "Felicia's Journey" (1999), in which the actor turned in a remarkable, complex performance that earned a number of award nominations. From villainous to a more likable role, Hoskins played Sancho Panza, the right hand man of John Lithgow's "Don Quixote" (2000), in the TNT production. Without skipping a beat he gave an inspired turn as the notorious Panamanian dictator in "Noriega: God's Favorite" (2001) for Showtime and inhabited a different kind of leader when he portrayed Nikita Khrushchev in the World War II drama, "Enemy at the Gates" (2001).

Hoskins returned to working class territory as a fatherly butler in the Jennifer Lopez romantic comedy "Maid in Manhattan" (2002), but fared better co-starring with Brenda Blethyn in the 1920s-set romance "The Sleeping Dictionary" (2003). Hoskins and Blethyn paired up again in actor Kevin Spacey's directorial debut, "Beyond the Sea" (2004), in which Hoskins played the brother-in-law and father figure of ailing singer Bobby Darin. Unfortunately, Spacey's labor of love failed to spark an interest with critics and audiences. Hoskins went on to execute an amusing turn as the idiosyncratic Sir Pitt Crawley opposite Reese Witherspoon in Mira Nair's witty adaptation of "Vanity Fair" (2004), which thankfully overshadowed his supporting role in the abysmal sequel, "Son of the Mask" (2005), less than a year later. He then did a turn as cruel Uncle Bart, a British gangster who cruelly raises a young man (Jet Li) to be a cold-blooded fighter in Luc Besson's "Unleashed" (2005). The combination of martial arts and blunt sentimentality earned plenty of critical kudos, especially for Li.

However kudos were few for Marc Forster's pretentious psychological thriller "Stay" (2005), in which Hoskins played a blind psychiatrist, but the actor next earned a Golden Globe nomination for co-starring with Judi Dench in "Mrs. Henderson Presents" (2005), Stephen Frears' story of the famed Windmill Theatre in London, a 1930s' establishment known for its seminude reviews. Richard LaGravanese cast Hoskins and Fanny Ardant as a married couple role-playing on the seedy side of town in the "Pigalle" segment of "Paris Je T'aime" (2006), an anthology of short films about Paris that was a minor success on the art house circuit. Hoskins did first-time film director Allen Coulter a favor with his charismatic portrayal of early MGM studio brass Eddie Mannix in the George Reeves (Ben Affleck) biopic, "Hollywoodland" (2006), as well as putting his timeless quality to further good use in family classics "Pinocchio" (ION, 2008) and "A Christmas Carol" (2009), Robert Zemeckis' big budget holiday event starring Jim Carrey as Dickens' holiday grump and Hoskins as his underling Mr. Fezziwig.

Hoskins returned to screens the following year in such U.K.-produced films as the fact-based drama "Made in Dagenham" (2010), in which he played a machinists union representative negotiating a 1968 female auto workers strike, in addition to a supporting role in the inspirational sports drama "Will" (2011). For the second time he portrayed Hook's sniveling factotum, Smee, in the TV miniseries "Neverland" (Syfy, 2011), a reimagining of the Peter Pan fable, then returned to more realistic environs in the comedy-drama "Outside Bet" (2012), about group of friends in London looking to change their luck with a large bet on a single horserace. More mainstream fare came with Hoskins' appearance as Muir the Dwarf in the blockbuster fantasy "Snow White and the Huntsman" (2012), starring Kristen Stewart and Chris Hemsworth in the title roles, alongside Charlize Theron as the evil queen, Ravenna. Then, in August 2012, industry contemporaries and fans were saddened by the news that Hoskins, who boasted an acting career spanning more than four decades, was officially retiring after having been diagnosed with Parkinson's disease the previous year. In a press release through his agent, the actor stated that he looked forward to spending time with his family in a quiet retirement, asking only that the press respect his privacy in the matter.

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