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Author Composer Writer Performer : Tiffani Thiessen

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Famous Person: Tiffani-Amber Thiessen

Famous For: Actress

Movie - Television Titles:

Weapon (2008) (filming) (rumored)
"What About Brian" .... Natasha Drew (5 episodes, 2007)
    - What About Calling All Friends... (2007) TV episode .... Natasha Drew
    - What About Secret Lovers... (2007) TV episode .... Natasha Drew
    - What About All That Glitters... (2007) TV episode .... Natasha Drew
    - What About Strange Bedfellows... (2007) TV episode .... Natasha Drew
    - What About Temptations... (2007) TV episode .... Natasha Drew
Pandemic (2007) (TV) .... Kayla MartinStroller Wars (2006) (TV) .... Lainey
"Good Morning, Miami" 
- You Bet Your Relationship (2004) TV Episode .... Victoria Hill
- Looking for Love in All the Wrong Cages (2003) TV Episode .... Victoria Hill
- Her Place or Mine? (2003) TV Episode .... Victoria Hill
- A Kiss Before Lying (2003) TV Episode .... Victoria Hill
- Will You Still Leave Me Tomorrow? (2003) TV Episode .... Victoria Hill
- Iced (2003) TV Episode .... Wilhelmina 'Billie' Chambers
- Dosed (2003) TV Episode .... Wilhelmina 'Billie' Chambers
- Asslane (2003) TV Episode .... Wilhelmina 'Billie' Chambers
- Overkill (2003) TV Episode .... Wilhelmina 'Billie' Chambers
- Monster (2003) TV Episode .... Wilhelmina 'Billie' Chambers
Hollywood Ending (2002) .... Sharon Bates
"Just Shoot Me!" 
- The Impossible Dream (2001) TV Episode .... Amy Watson
- Finch Chasing Amy (2001) TV Episode .... Amy Watson
- Maya Judging Amy (2001) TV Episode .... Amy Watson
A Christmas Adventure from a Book Called Wisely's Tales (2001) (voice) .... Vixen
Everything But the Girl (2001) (TV) .... Denise
"Two Guys, a Girl and a Pizza Place" 
... aka Two Guys and a Girl (USA: third season title) 
- Disco Nights (2000) TV Episode .... Marti
- A Germ Runs Through It (2000) TV Episode .... Marti
- 15 Minutes of Shame (2000) TV Episode .... Marti
- The Bear (2000) TV Episode .... Marti
- El Matrimonio Loco (2000) TV Episode .... Marti
Shriek If You Know What I Did Last Friday the Thirteenth (2000) -
.... Hagitha 'Hag' Utslay, empTV Reporter
The Ladies Man (2000) .... Honey DeLune
... aka The Ladies' Man (UK) 
Ivansxtc (2000) .... Marie Stein
... aka Ivans xtc. (To Live and Die in Hollywood) (USA: complete title) 
"Beverly Hills, 90210" 
- Ode to Joy (2000) TV Episode .... Valerie Malone
- The Wedding: Part 1 (1998) TV Episode .... Valerie Malone
- The Wedding: Part 2 (1998) TV Episode .... Valerie Malone
- The Fundamental Things Apply (1998) TV Episode .... Valerie Malone
- Ricochet (1998) TV Episode .... Valerie Malone
Love Stinks (1999) .... Rebecca Melini/Juliette
From Dusk Till Dawn 2: Texas Blood Money (1999) .... Pam
... aka The Station 
- Assistant (1999) TV Episode (as Tiffani-Amber Thiessen) .... Foxy Jackson
- The Children's Hour (1999) TV Episode .... Stephanie MacGregor
Speedway Junky (1999) .... Wilma Price
Buried Secrets (1996) (TV) .... Annalisse Vellum
Sweet Dreams (1996) (TV) .... Alison Sullivan
She Fought Alone (1995) (TV) .... Caitlin Rose
... aka Scared by Love 
The Stranger Beside Me (1995) (TV) .... Jennifer Gallagher
Saved by the Bell: Wedding in Las Vegas (1994) (TV) .... Kelly Kapowski Morris
"Burke's Law" 
- Who Killed Romeo? (1994) TV Episode .... Andrea Pierce
"Saved by the Bell: The College Years" 
- Marry Me (1994) TV Episode .... Kelly Kapowski
- Wedding Plans (1994) TV Episode .... Kelly Kapowski
- Love and Death (1994) TV Episode  .... Kelly Kapowski
- Bedside Manner (1994) TV Episode .... Kelly Kapowski
- The Rave (1994) .... Kelly Kapowski
Son in Law (1993) .... Tracy
"Saved by the Bell" 
- Graduation (1993) TV Episode .... Kelly Kapowski (1989-1992)
- The Time Capsule (1992) TV Episode .... Kelly Kapowski
- Slater's Friend (1992) TV Episode .... Kelly Kapowski
- Earthquake (1992) TV Episode .... Kelly Kapowski
- Snow White and the Seven Dorks (1992) TV Episode-
(as Tiffani-Amber Thiessen) .... Kelly Kapowski
A Killer Among Friends (1992) (TV) .... Jenny Monroe
... aka Friends to the End (USA) 
"The Powers That Be" 
    - The Intern (1992) TV Episode .... Barbara
Saved by the Bell: Hawaiian Style (1992) (TV) .... Kelly Kapowski
    - Driver's Education (1992) TV Episode .... Ricki
"Step by Step" 
    - Daddy's Girl (1992) TV Episode .... Tina Gordon
... aka Valerie's Family (USA: new title) 
- California Dreamin': Part 2 (1990) TV Episode .... Brooke
- California Dreamin': Part 1 (1990) TV Episode .... Brooke
"Married with Children" 
- What Goes Around Came Around (1990) TV Episode .... Heather McCoy
"Charles in Charge" 
- There's a Girl in My Ficus (1990) TV Episode .... Jennifer

Authors Description: Tiffani Amber Thiessen was born on January 23, 1974 in Long Beach, California. Her father, Frank, was a park designer, while her mother, Robyn, was a homemaker. Tiffani grew up as the middle child with two brothers. Her older brother Todd is now a professional cyclist. Always a pretty little girl, people constantly commented on her looks. When she was eight years old, her uncle Roger Ernest, a friend of Steven Spielberg's, suggested to her parents that she try modeling. Tiffani was quickly cast in commercials for The Peaches and Cream Barbie Doll. Shortly thereafter, it was judged that she had what it took to be a beauty queen, so she got involved in the pageant circuit. At the age of 13, she became the 1987 Miss Junior America. The following year, she won Teen magazine's Great Model Search and, in 1989, she was made Cover Girl magazine's Model of the Year. But her status as a teenager in the spotlight was hard on her. Her fellow classmates were jealous and spiteful, and they never hesitated to throw trash at her or defile the pages of the magazines in which she appeared. As a result, she was enrolled in Valley Professional High School, a school for children working in the entertainment industry. Her classmates included Alfonso Ribeiro from Fresh Prince of Bel Air and Jason Hervey of The Wonder Years fame. There were only about 50 students in the senior class, and Tiffani was named valedictorian. In 1989, she joined over 500 hopefuls and auditioned for a new NBC Saturday morning series called Saved by the Bell. She triumphed and was given the role of Kelly Kapowski, a trendy cheerleader. Later, she made guest appearances on shows such as Charles in Charge, Married... with Children, Valerie, Step by Step, Blossom, and The Powers That Be. Then, she was in the TV movie A Killer Among Friends (1992) and joined on the big screen in the wacky comedy Son in Law (1993). In 1993, Saved by the Bell came to an end and it morphed into Saved by the Bell: The College Years. Unfortunately, the show wasn't successful and it was canceled after only one season. After shooting a "Milk, it does a body good!" commercial and making an appearance in an episode of Burke's Law, Tiffani was offered a gold-plated primetime role. In 1994, she joined the cast of Aaron Spelling's famed Beverly Hills 90210. She played Valerie Malone, a good-girl-turned-bad, and revived the show's ratings by giving it a new edge. In real life, Tiffani was living with one of the show's stars, Brian Austin Green. She stayed on the show until 1998. However, Tiffani still found time for films made for television. She was in The Stranger Beside Me (1995), She Fought Alone (1995), Sweet Dreams (1996), and Buried Secrets (1996), which she also produced. After leaving Beverly Hills 90210, Tiffani poured her heart into motion pictures. She could be seen in Speedway Junky, From Dusk Till Dawn 2: Texas Blood Money, and Love Stinks, all released in 1999. The following year, she was in Ivansxtc, Shriek If You Know What I Did Last Friday the Thirteenth, and the SNL comedy The Ladies Man. In an effort to be regarded as a serious actress, she dropped the Amber part of her name. Also in 2000, she appeared in numerous episodes of Two Guys, a Girl and a Pizza Place, where she met actor Richard Ruccolo. They were engaged for two years but broke it off in 2003. Following voice work in A Christmas Adventure From a Book Called Wisely's Tales (2001), she was in the Woody Allen comedy Hollywood Ending (2002) before joining the cast of yet another TV series, the action-packed Fastlane. The show was canceled after a year. Quick on her feet, Tiffani appeared in commercials for McDonald's before being cast in 2003-2004 as Victoria Hill for nine episodes of the sitcom Good Morning, Miami. Over the course of a decade, Tiffani was able to transform her image from that of a ditzy cheerleader to a vixen everyone loves to hate. Then, she changed the public's perception again by becoming an apt supporting actress who can tackle any kind of role. Whether she's playing a vindictive girlfriend, a beleaguered spouse or an object of affection, we always love her. While we've seen actresses who are more naturally beautiful than she is, she has them all beat when it comes to sex appeal and charm. Politically involved, she supports causes like rape prevention and drunk driving awareness. She dropped off the Hollywood radar for a while, but she's been making tentative comebacks lately.

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