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Author Composer Writer Performer : Christopher Walken

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Famous Person: Christopher Walken

Famous For: Broadway, Actor

Movie - Television Titles :

The Dirt (2009) (in production) (rumored) .... Ozzy Osbourne
Citizen Brando (2008) (in production) .... Joe
The Lonely Maiden (2008) (filming)
Five Dollars a Day (2008) (post-production) .... Nat
Balls of Fury (2007) .... Feng
Hairspray (2007) .... Wilbur TurnbladMan of the Year (2006) (completed) .... Jack Menken
Click (2006) .... Morty
True Crime: New York City (2005) (VG) (voice) .... Gabriel Whitting
Domino (2005) .... Mark Heiss
Romance & Cigarettes (2005) .... Cousin Bo
Wedding Crashers (2005) .... U.S. Treasury Secretary William Cleary
Around the Bend (2004) .... Turner Lair
The Stepford Wives (2004) .... Mike Wellington
Envy (2004) .... J-Man
Man on Fire (2004) .... Rayburn
True Crime: Streets of LA (2003) (VG) (voice) .... George
The Rundown (2003) .... Hatcher
... aka Welcome to the Jungle (Australia) (UK) 
Gigli (2003) .... Det. Stanley Jacobellis
"Saturday Night Live" 
... aka SNL (USA: informal title) 
... aka SNL 25 (USA) 
- Episode #28.13 (2003) TV Episode .... Host
- Episode #26.20 (2001) TV Episode .... Host
- Episode #25.16 (2000) TV Episode .... Host
- Episode #21.10 (1996) TV Episode .... Guest Host
- Episode #18.4 (1992) TV Episode .... Guest Host
Kangaroo Jack (2003) .... Salvatore 'Sal' Maggio
Julius Caesar (2002) (TV) .... Marcus Cato
... aka Caesar (USA) 
... aka Giulio Cesare (Italy) 
... aka Julius Caesar (Germany) 
Catch Me If You Can (2002) .... Frank Abagnale, Sr.
Plots with a View (2002) .... Frank Featherbed
... aka Grabgeflüster (Germany: video title) 
... aka Grabgeflüster - Liebe kann Särge versetzen (Germany) 
... aka Grabgeflüster - Liebe versetzt Särge (Germany) 
... aka Plotz with a View (UK) 
... aka Undertaking Betty (USA) 
Engine Trouble (2002/II) .... Rusty
The Country Bears (2002) .... Reed Thimple
Poolhall Junkies (2002) .... Mike
The Affair of the Necklace (2001) .... Count Cagliostro
America's Sweethearts (2001) .... Hal Weidmann
Joe Dirt (2001) .... Clem
... aka The Adventures of Joe Dirt (Canada: English title: TV title) (USA: working title) 
Scotland, Pa. (2001) .... Lieutenant McDuff
Jungle Juice (2001) .... Roy
The Opportunists (2000) .... Victor 'Vic' Kelly
The Prophecy 3: The Ascent (2000) (V) .... Gabriel
... aka God's Army III (Europe: English title) 
Kiss Toledo Goodbye (1999) .... Max
Sarah, Plain and Tall: Winter's End (1999) (TV) .... Jacob Witting
Sleepy Hollow (1999) .... The Hessian Horseman
... aka Sleepy Hollow (Germany) 
Madonna: The Video Collection (1999) (V) .... Guardian Angel (segment "Bad Girl")
Vendetta (1999) (TV) .... James Houston
Blast from the Past (1999) .... Calvin Webber
Antz (1998) (voice) .... Colonel Cutter
Trance (1998) .... Uncle Bill Ferriter
... aka The Eternal (USA: video title) 
... aka The Eternal: Kiss of the Mummy (USA: video box title) 
New Rose Hotel (1998) .... Fox
Illuminata (1998) .... Bevalaqua
... aka Illuminata (Spain) 
The Prophecy II (1998) (V) .... Gabriel
... aka God's Army II (Europe: English title) 
Mousehunt (1997) .... Caeser, the Exterminator
Suicide Kings (1997) .... Carlo Bartolucci/Charlie Barret
Excess Baggage (1997) .... Raymond 'Ray' Perkins
Touch (1997) .... Bill Hill
Last Man Standing (1996/I) .... Hickey
The Funeral (1996) .... Ray Tempio
Basquiat (1996) .... The Interviewer
... aka Build a Fort, Set It on Fire 
Celluloide (1996) 
Privateer 2: The Darkening (1996) (VG) .... David Hassan
Ripper (1996) (VG) .... Det. Vince Magnotta
Nick of Time (1995) .... Mr. Smith
The Addiction (1995) .... Peina
The Prophecy (1995) .... Gabriel
... aka God's Army (Europe: English title) 
... aka God's Secret Army (Europe: English title) 
Things to Do in Denver When You're Dead (1995) .... The Man with the Plan
Search and Destroy (1995) .... Kim Ulander
... aka The Four Rules (Australia: video title) 
Wild Side (1995) .... Bruno Buckingham
Pulp Fiction (1994) .... Captain Koons
A Business Affair (1994) .... Vanni Corso
... aka Astucias de mujer (Spain) 
... aka D'une femme à l'autre (France) 
... aka Liebe und andere Geschäfte (Germany) 
Wayne's World 2 (1993) .... Bobby Cahn
True Romance (1993) .... Vincenzo Coccotti
... aka Breakaway (Philippines: English title) 
Scam (1993) (TV) .... Jack Shanks
Skylark (1993) (TV) .... Jacob Witting
... aka Sarah, Plain and Tall: Skylark (USA) 
All-American Murder (1992) (V) .... P.J. Decker
Grand pardon II, Le (1992) .... Pasco Meisner
... aka Day of Atonement 
Batman Returns (1992) .... Max Shreck
Mistress (1992) .... Warren Zell
... aka Hollywood Mistress (USA) 
McBain (1991) .... McBain
Sarah, Plain and Tall (1991) (TV) .... Jacob Witting
King of New York (1990) .... Frank White
The Comfort of Strangers (1990) .... Robert
... aka Cortesie per gli ospiti (Italy) 
Communion (1989) .... Whitley Strieber
Homeboy (1988) .... Wesley Pendergass
Cannon Movie Tales: Puss in Boots (1988) .... Puss
... aka Puss in Boots (USA) 
Biloxi Blues (1988) .... Sgt. Toomey
... aka Neil Simon's Biloxi Blues 
The Milagro Beanfield War (1988) .... Kyril Montana
... aka The Milagro Beanfield War (Australia) 
Deadline (1987) .... Don Stevens
... aka War Zone - Todeszone (West Germany) 
... aka Witness in the War Zone (International: English title) 
At Close Range (1986) .... Brad Whitewood Sr.
A View to a Kill (1985) .... Max Zorin
... aka Ian Fleming's 'A View to a Kill' (UK: complete title) 
The Dead Zone (1983) .... Johnny Smith
Brainstorm (1983) .... Dr. Michael Anthony Brace
Who Am I This Time? (1982) (TV) .... Harry Nash
... aka American Playhouse: Who Am I This Time? (USA: series title) 
Pennies from Heaven (1981) .... Tom
The Dogs of War (1981) .... Jamie Shannon
Shoot the Sun Down (1981) .... Mr. Rainbow
Heaven's Gate (1980) .... Nathan D. Champion
... aka Michael Cimino's Heaven's Gate (USA: complete title) 
Last Embrace (1979) .... Eckart
The Deer Hunter (1978) .... Nikonar 'Nick' Chevotarevich
Roseland (1977) .... Russel (The Hustle)
Annie Hall (1977) (as Christopher Wlaken) .... Duane Hall
- Kiss It All Goodbye (1977) TV Episode .... Ben Wiley
The Sentinel (1977) .... Det. Rizzo
Next Stop, Greenwich Village (1976) (as Chris Walken) .... Robert
Valley Forge (1975) (TV) .... The Hessian
The Happiness Cage (1972) .... Pvt. James H. Reese
... aka The Demon Within 
... aka The Mind Snatchers 
The Anderson Tapes (1971) .... The Kid
"Hawaii Five-O" 
... aka McGarrett (USA: rerun title) 
- Run, Johnny, Run (1970) TV Episode .... Walt Kramer
Me and My Brother (1969) 
The Three Musketeers (1969) (TV) .... Felton
Barefoot in Athens (1966) (TV) .... Lamprocles
... aka George Schaefer's Showcase Theatre: Barefoot in Athens (USA: series title) 
"Hallmark Hall of Fame" 
... aka Hallmark Television Playhouse 
- Barefoot in Athens (1966) TV Episode .... Lamprocles
"Naked City" 
- Robin Hood and Clarence Darrow, They Went Out with Bow and Arrow (1963) 
TV Episode (as Ronnie Walken) .... Chris
"The Guiding Light" (1952) TV Series (as Ronnie Walken) .... Michael 'Mike' Bauer #1 
(1954-1956) ... aka Guiding Light (USA: new title) 
"The Motorola Television Hour" 
... aka Motorola TV Hour (USA: alternative title) 
... aka Motorola TV Theatre (USA) 
- The Muldoon Matter (1954) TV Episode (as Ronnie Walken) 
"The Wonderful John Acton" (1953) TV Series (as Ronnie Walken) .... Kevin Acton

Authors Description: Paul and Rosalie Walken immigrated to America as adults. They met in New York, married and had three children: Ken, Glenn and Ronald (who later changed his name to Christopher). Ronnie was born on the opening night of Oklahoma! on March 31, 1943. The family resided in Queens and Paul owned and ran a bakery. When the boys were tots, Rosalie would bring them to television show auditions and photography shoots. She belonged to an organization called The Stage Mother's Society and was very involved with her sons' young careers. By the early 1950s, all three boys were enrolled in tap dancing classes and were performing regularly on television shows such as Ernie Kovacs, Philco TV Playhouse and The Colgate Comedy Hour. Ronnie appeared on a television series called The Wonderful John Acton, playing the part of Kevin Acton. As the boys got older, they would take the subway by themselves to Manhattan to work in television and theatre. Ronnie attended PCS (Professional Children's School) and was friends with the world-renowned composer, Marvin Hamlisch, Brandon de Wilde, and Gypsy Rose Lee's son, Eric. In their free time, Ken, Glenn and Ronnie would help their father out in the bakery. Ronnie made his off-Broadway debut at age fifteen in Archibald MacLeish's J.B. and around that time, he took a brief stint acting as a lion tamer's son in a circus. Ronnie's job was to bring out an old, extremely docile lion and "tame" him. Ronnie graduated from PCS and attended Hofstra University for about one year. In the spring following his first year at college, Ronnie's tap instructor, Danny Daniels cast him and his brother, Glenn in the off Broadway musical he was directing and choreographing; Best Foot Forward. Ronnie suggested that Daniels also audition young girl he was taking acting lessons with. That girl was Liza Minelli and she got the part. Over the next two and a half years, Ronnie worked mostly in musical theater. He worked in a touring production of West Side Story and danced opposite Georgianne Thon. The two were married later in 1969. At age 22, Ronnie was renamed Christopher by Monique Van Vooren, a singer he was working with. He decided to keep it and was billed as Christopher for the first time when he performed in the1965 musical Baker Street in which he danced next to Tommy Tune. Later he came to do numerous dramatic roles, his first being The Lion In Winter, in which he played the part of King Phillip. This was his first speaking (not singing) role and he has noted that he wrestled with extreme stage fright, nervous shakes and broken concentration. Christopher nearly got fired, but begged the show's producer to give him a chance. He was given three days to find a solution to these dilemmas. Somehow, someway, he overcame his fears and actually went on to win the Clarence Derwent Award for that performance. He was then cast for many other Shakespearian roles and more dramatic stage roles in plays such as The Unknown Soldier. In 1966, he won the Theatre World Award for his performance in the revival of Tennessee Williams' The Rose Tattoo. At about age 25, Walken began his film career, with small roles in the films Me And My Brother, the Sidney Lumet-directed The Anderson Tapes, and his first starring role in The Happiness Cage. Christopher then had a small but memorable role in Woody Allen's classic Annie Hall, in which he played Annie's brother, Duane. Shortly after that, Christopher was cast as Nick in Michael Cimino's The Deer Hunter, for which he won an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor and the New York Film Critic's Circle Award. Soon after, he appeared in Cimino's critically trashed follow-up picture, Heaven's Gate with Kris Kristofferson. It was shortly after returning to New York after filming Heaven's Gate that Christopher was assaulted on the street on which he and Georgianne lived. He had asked two men on the street to turn down their music. The men, in turn, attacked him and broke his nose. But, Walken's career carried on without a break. He continued to get roles in films such as the western with Margot Kidder, Shoot The Sun Down and the last MGM musical movie, Pennies From Heaven with Steve Martin and choreography by Danny Daniels, Walken's former tap teacher. Christopher received rave reviews from critics regarding his dancing scene in Pennies From Heaven- and compliments from toe-tapping legends Fred Astaire and Gene Kelley. In 1981 while working on the science-fiction thriller, Brainstorm, Christopher became somewhat involved in a tragedy when his co-star, Natalie Wood, drowned during a Thanksgiving weekend cruise off of Catalina Island in California. Christopher was on the yacht along with Wood's husband, Robert Wagner and the ship's captain the night she died. This terrible event, brought out rumors of a possible affair between Wood and Walken and a supposed argument between the three of them. The drowning proved to be accidental and the rumors swirling around Wood's death eventually subsided. To date, Walken has worked in more than 100 stage roles and has appeared in over 60 movies of every genre. Some of his more famous film roles have been in At Close Range with Sean Penn, Stephen King's The Dead Zone, Biloxi Blues with Matthew Broderick; King Of New Yorkwith Lawrence Fishburne; Sarah, Plain and Tall with Glenn Close, for which he was nominated for an Emmy; True Romance with Dennis Hopper, and far too many others to name (see Filmography) He is most widely known for portraying villainous or psychotic types of characters such as the archangel Gabriel in The Prophecy, for example - at which he excels. To those who know his work, however, Christopher is percieved more as a chameleon as he is able to transform himself into any character when given the chance. Walken has also appeared three times on Saturday Night Live since 1990 and has recently begun to play more paternal roles such as Uncle Ray in Alicia Silverstone's Excess Baggage and as Brendan Fraser's father, Calvin Webber, in Blast From The Past. Walken also wrote and starred in a rather humorous play about Elvis Presley entitled Him, and he continues to get involved in theater when his schedule allows. As for Christopher's brothers, one became a successful restauranteur, and the other a real estate broker. Walken's personal life is more practical than one might think. After 30 years, he is still married to Georgianne, now a casting director (she has cast Christopher in the movie Basquiat, in which he played the interviewer). Christopher and Georgianne had decided early on in their marraige not to have children because it would have been difficult with the amount of travel required for their occupations. Christopher says now he is thankful that they did not have kids and he is able to put all of his focus into his work. Not being overly concerned about the financial aspect of his career, Christopher rarely turns down roles offered to him and strives to keep himself constantly working. Because of this, he has averaged nearly five movies per year. He and his wife currently reside alternately in Connecticut with their cats as well as a brownstone apartment in upper west Manhattan. Walken has made it clear that he plans on working as long as he can and does not foresee retirement any time in the near future. He continues to draw a growing number of fans of all ages from around the world.

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