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Author Composer Writer Performer : Bob Hope

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Famous Person: Bob Hope

Famous For: Vauderville, Theater, musical comedies, Motion Pictures, Radio, Television, USO Shows, Host

Movie - Television Titles :

A Stand Up Life (1993) (TV) 
"Highway to Heaven" 
- Heaven Nose, Mister Smith (1988) TV Episode .... Syncompop
A Masterpiece of Murder (1986) (TV) .... Dan Dolan
Spies Like Us (1985) .... Golfer
The American Collegiate Talent Search with Bob Hope (1985) (TV) .... Host/Celebrity
The Muppet Movie (1979) .... Ice Cream Vendor
"3 Girls 3" 
- Episode #1.1 (1977) TV Episode 
Cancel My Reservation (1972) .... Dan Bartlett
Plimpton! Did You Hear the One About? (1971) (TV) 
"A Christmas Night with the Stars" 
- Episode dated 25 December 1970 (1970) TV Episode 
Roberta (1969) (TV) .... Huckleberry Haines
"Jimmy Durante Presents the Lennon Sisters" 
- Episode dated 24 October 1969 (1969) TV Episode 
"Rowan & Martin's Laugh-In" 
... aka Laugh-In 
- Episode #3.2 (1969) TV Episode 
- Episode #2.3 (1968) TV Episode 
- Episode #2.1 (1968) TV Episode 
How to Commit Marriage (1969) .... Frank Benson
The Private Navy of Sgt. O'Farrell (1968) .... Sgt. Dan O'Farrell
Carnival Nights (1968) (TV) 
... aka Jack Benny's Carnival Nights (USA: complete title) 
"Get Smart" 
- 99 Loses Control (1968) TV Episode (uncredited) .... Room Service Attendant
Eight on the Lam (1967) .... Henry Dimsdale
... aka Eight on the Run (UK) 
Not with My Wife, You Don't! (1966) (uncredited) .... Cameo appearance
"Bob Hope Presents the Chrysler Theatre" 
... aka The Chrysler Theater 
... aka Universal Star Time (syndication title) 
- Murder at N.B.C. (1966) TV Episode .... Van Smirtch
- Russian Roulette (1965) TV Episode .... Les Haines
- Have Girls, Will Travel (1964) TV Episode .... Horatio Lovelace
- Her School for Bachelors (1964) TV Episode .... Monte Collins
- The House Next Door (1963) TV Episode .... George Warren
Boy, Did I Get a Wrong Number! (1966) .... Thomas J. 'Tom' Meade
I'll Take Sweden (1965) .... Bob Holcomb
"The Lucy Show" 
- Lucy and the Plumber (1964) TV Episode .... Irving
Mr. and Mrs. (1964) (TV) .... Bill Blakley
... aka The Lucille Ball Comedy Hour 
A Global Affair (1964) .... Frank Larrimore
Call Me Bwana (1963) .... Matthew Merriwether
Critic's Choice (1963) .... Parker Ballantine
The Road to Hong Kong (1962) .... Chester Babcock
Bachelor in Paradise (1961) .... Adam J. Niles
The Facts of Life (1960) .... Larry Gilbert
The Five Pennies (1959) (uncredited) .... Guest
Alias Jesse James (1959) .... Milford Farnsworth
Paris Holiday (1958) .... Robert Leslie Hunter
Beau James (1957) .... Mayor James J. 'Jimmy' Walker
The Iron Petticoat (1956) .... Major Charles "Chuck" Lockwood
... aka Not for Money 
"I Love Lucy" 
... aka Lucy in Connecticut (USA: rerun title) 
... aka The Sunday Lucy Show (USA: rerun title) 
... aka The Top Ten Lucy Show (USA: rerun title) 
- Lucy and Bob Hope (1956) TV Episode .... Bob Hope
That Certain Feeling (1956) .... Francis X. Dignan
Showdown at Ulcer Gulch (1956) .... Cameo appearance (Influential man)
The Seven Little Foys (1955) .... Eddie Foy
"The Colgate Comedy Hour" 
... aka Colgate Summer Comedy Hour (USA: summer title) 
... aka Colgate Variety Hour (USA: sixth season title) 
... aka Michael Todd Revue (USA: subtitle) 
- Episode #5.13 (1955) TV Episode .... Host
- Episode #3.39 (1953) TV Episode .... Host
- Episode #3.36 (1953) TV Episode .... Host
- Episode #3.31 (1953) TV Episode .... Host
- Episode #3.28 (1953) TV Episode .... Host/Singer
Casanova's Big Night (1954) .... Pippo Popolino
... aka Mr. Casanova (USA) 
Christmas with the Stars (1953) (TV) 
Here Come the Girls (1953) .... Stanley Snodgrass
... aka Champagne for Everybody 
Scared Stiff (1953) (uncredited) .... Skeleton (Cameo appearance)
Off Limits (1953) .... Wally Hogan
... aka Military Policemen (UK) 
Road to Bali (1952) .... Harold Gridley
Son of Paleface (1952) .... Peter 'Junior' Potter Jr.
The Greatest Show on Earth (1952) (uncredited) .... Spectator
... aka Cecil B. DeMille's The Greatest Show on Earth (USA: complete title) 
My Favorite Spy (1951) .... Peanuts White/Eric Augustine
The Lemon Drop Kid (1951) .... Sidney Melbourne (The Lemon Drop Kid)
Fancy Pants (1950) .... Humphrey aka Arthur Tyler
The Great Lover (1949) .... Freddie Hunter
Sorrowful Jones (1949) .... Humphrey 'Sorrowful' Jones
The Paleface (1948) .... 'Painless' Peter Potter
Road to Rio (1947) .... Hot Lips Barton
Where There's Life (1947) .... Michael Joseph Valentine
My Favorite Brunette (1947) .... Ronnie Jackson
Monsieur Beaucaire (1946) .... Monsieur Beaucaire
Road to Utopia (1946) .... Chester Hooton
The Princess and the Pirate (1944) .... Sylvester the Great
Let's Face It (1943) .... Jerry Walker
They Got Me Covered (1943) .... Robert Kittredge
Road to Morocco (1942) .... Orville 'Turkey' Jackson/Aunt Lucy
My Favorite Blonde (1942) .... Larry Haines
Louisiana Purchase (1941) .... Jim Taylor
Nothing But the Truth (1941) .... Steve Bennett
Caught in the Draft (1941) .... Don Bolton
Road to Zanzibar (1941) .... Hubert 'Fearless' Frazier
The Ghost Breakers (1940) .... 'Larry' Lawrence
Road to Singapore (1940) .... Ace Lannigan
The Cat and the Canary (1939) .... Wally Campbell
Some Like It Hot (1939) .... Nicky Nelson
... aka Rhythm Romance (USA: reissue title) 
Never Say Die (1939) .... John Kidley
Thanks for the Memory (1938/II) .... Steve Merrick
Give Me a Sailor (1938) .... Jim Brewster
College Swing (1938) .... Bud Brady
... aka Swing, Teacher, Swing (UK) 
The Big Broadcast of 1938 (1938) .... Buzz Fielding
Shop Talk (1936) 
Watch the Birdie (1935) 
Calling All Tars (1935) 
The Old Grey Mayor (1935) .... Bob Hope
Double Exposure (1935) 
Paree, Paree (1934) .... Peter Forbes
... aka Broadway Brevities (USA: series title) 
Going Spanish (1934) .... Bob
... aka Bob's Busy Day

Authors Description: Bob Hope is one of television's most renown comedians and actors. He has also worked in vaudeville, radio, and film, and for the last eight decades has made audiences laugh at themselves, their contemporary culture and its foibles, their politics and politicians--and for his efforts he has received numerous awards and accolades. He is perhaps equally well-known, and certainly equally applauded for his efforts in entertaining American soldiers overseas. Hope began his career in 1914 when he entered and won a Charlie Chaplin imitator contest. He then made his way into vaudeville in the 1920s and his Broadway acting and musical debut in 1933 when he appeared in Roberta. Hope moved to Hollywood in 1938 after appearing in several short films and on radio. He made his film acting debut in The Big Broadcast of 1938 where he first sang his signature song Thanks for the Memory with Shirley Ross. In 1940, Hope made the first of seven "Road" films, The Road to Singapore, with Bing Crosby and Dorothy Lamour. He became a showbiz wizard by playing on his rapid-fire wisecracking technique in the "Road" films that followed. The best known and probably most televised of these films, The Road to Utopia, was made in 1945. Hope regularly starred as a comic coward in caught in comic-adventurous situations, but he generally wound up winning the hand of the leading lady. In addition to the "Road" films, he also appeared in many others. He made his last "Road" film, The Road to Hong Kong, in 1962 and his film career virtually ended in the early 1960s. Hope was one of the biggest names in show business when television began to develop. Unlike some of his fellow stars, Bob Hope jumped into the new medium making his debut on Easter Sunday, 1950. On a regular basis he was seen on two budget variety shows, Chesterfield Sound Off Time and The Colgate Comedy Hour. In 1953, NBC broadcast the first annual Bob Hope Christmas Special. These specials were usually filmed during his regular tour to entertain the troops overseas. He also began a series of comedy specials for NBC-TV where he became known for his marvelous comic timing, his stunning array of guest stars, and his ease with both studio audiences and the camera. His guests regularly included top stars from film, stage, television, and the music industry. As well, he was usually surrounded by Hollywood starlets and athletic figures. His humor poked gentle fun at the world of politics, usually leaning toward the conservative. He also made numerous guest appearances on various comedy shows such as I Love Lucy, The Danny Thomas Show, and The Jack Benny Show where he was applauded for his wise cracking ability to throw new comic wrenches into already hilarious situations. In most of these situations Hope simply played himself, and his appearance as a guest star was a guarantee of a larger audience. His ability to make both the audience and his co-stars feel at ease in his presence, eager for the wry comment that would put a new spin on any situation, was performance enough. In commemoration of the 50-year anniversary of World War II, NBC broadcast an hour-long Bob Hope special that chronicles the comedian's camp tours during the war. Hope, at age 92, narrates Memories of World War II. The special was crafted from a video and CD collection originally produced for retail sales and adds an additional 20 minutes of Bob Hope and his wife, Dolores, talking with friends and co-workers such as Charleston Heston, Dorothy Lamour and Ed McMahon about special photos and remembrances about the war, the entertainment, and their efforts to build and maintain morale. Many scenes extol Hope's comic abilities, patriotism, and human compassion. The recollections range from outrageously funny to heartfelt to harrowing. Still, some critics saw the special as self-congratulatory, inept, and awkward. Mike Hughes, a critic for the Gannett News Service says simply, "This doesn't mean Hope isn't a fine person. It doesn't mean the war effort wasn't worthy. It simply means that bad is bad, no matter the motivation." By this point in his long career Hope seemed, at times, anachronistic, a reminder of a different world, a different sort of television. In spite of such commentary, Bob Hope remains an American institution in the entertainment world, quick-witted, wise cracking, and a master of comic response. He will be remembered as one of the foundational figures of U.S. television in the network era, one of the kings of television comedy.

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