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Abraham Lincoln President President
Al Capone Mob Boss Running Chicago
Al Pacino Actor The Godfather
Andy Rooney Reporter 60 Minutes
Ann Savage Actress Detour
Audrey Hepburn Actress, Fashion model Breakfast At Tiffanys
Beatrice Arthur Actress Golden Girls
Betsy Ross Seamstress Sewed first flag
Besse Cooper Getting Older Oldest Living Human
Bette Davis Actress Dangerous
Bettie Page Model 50's Pin Up
Billy Graham Evangelist Evangelist
Bing Crosby Actor, Singer White Christmas
Bob Hope Actor, Radio Broadcaster Big Broadcast of 1938
Bob Hoskins Actor Who Framed Roger Rabbit
Cary Grant Actor A Philadelphia Story
Charles Chaplin Actor The Tramp
Charles Lindbergh American aviator First solo flight across the Atlantic
Charlton Heston Actor The Ten Comandments
Christopher Walken Broadway, Actor The Deer Hunter
Chuck Connors Actor The Rifleman
Cornel Wilde Actor Director The Greatest Show on Earth
Dean Martin Actor, comedian, singer, producer Rat Pack
Dick Clark Host, Actor American Bandstand
Dom Deluise Actor Cannonball Run
Doris Day Actress, Singer Pillow Talk
Elizabeth Taylor Actress Cleopatra
Errol Flynn Actor Robin Hood
Eugene Ormandy Conductor and Violinist Conductor and Violinist
Frank Sinatra Actor, Singer, Musician, Rat Pack
Galileo Galilei Astronomer Astronomer
Gene Kelly Actor Singin' in the Rain
George Burns Actor Lambchops
George Carlin Comedian, Actor and Author Grammy Award Winner
George Clooney Actor E.R.
George C. Scott Actor, Director, Producer Patton
George Washington President First President
Heath Ledger Actor Oscar Winner
Henry Ford Ford Company Founder of Ford Motor Company
Howard Hughes Aviator, Film Producer Hells Angels, Hercules airplanes
Hulk Hogan Wrestler, Actor Wrestler
Humphrey Bogart Actor Casablanca
Isaac Hayes Singer, Songwriter, Actor Award Winner
Isaac Newton Physicist laws of motion
Jack Benny Actor, Radio The Jack Benny Show
James Cagney Actor White Heat
James Garner Actor The Rockford Files
Jennifer Aniston Television, Actress Friends

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Jim Carrey Actor Ace Ventura
Jimmy Stewart Actor It's a Wonderful Life
John F. Kennedy President President
John Wayne Actor, Director, Producer Greatest Film Cowboy
Julie Andrews Actress The Sound of Music
Justin Bieber Singer My World 2.0
Kate Beckinsale Actress Underworld
Lauren Bacall Actress To Have and Have Not
Lucille Ball Television, Actress I Love Lucy
Ludwig Van Beethoven Composer Fur Elise
Madonna Singer Everybody
Margaret Thatcher Prime Minister Prime Minister
Marilyn Monroe Actress, Model The Seven Year Itch
Marlon Brando Broadway, Actor A Streetcar Named Desire
Natalie Portman Actress The Professional
Natasha Richardson Actress Widows' Peak
Neil Armstrong Astronaut First Man On Moon
Nicole Kidman Actress Days of Thunder
Ol Dirty Bastard Rapper Wu-Tang Clan
Paul Newman Actor Cool Hand Luke
Peter Lawford Actor Little Women
Patrick O'Toole Actor Lawrence of Arabia
Pope John Paul II Pope Becoming Pope
Pope Francis Pope Becoming Pope
Princess Diana Princess of Wales Philanthropist Princess of Wales
Robert De Niro Actor The Godfather: Part II
Robert E. Lee General Lead The Confederate Army
Ronald Reagan President President
Roy Rogers Actor, Television The Old Homestead
Shirley Temple Actress, Singer, Dancer Stand Up and Cheer
Sir Winston Churchill Prime Minister Prime Minister
Steve McQueen The Great Escape Actor
Susan Hayward Actress The Story of a Woman
Thomas Edison Inventor Invented Lightbulb
Tiffani Thiessen Actress Saved By The Bell
Ulysses S. Grant President President
Van Johnson Actor Thirty Seconds Over Tokyo
Walt Disney Film producer Walt Disney Company
William Penn Founded Pennsylvania Founded Pennsylvania


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